Argentina Apollo – An Introduction

This blog (hopefully with videos) will be devoted to a biographical description of a lesser-known deceased professional wrestler, Argentina “Vittorio” Apollo.

Argentina Apollo always wrestling barefoot.   Some of his moves seemed to combine some type of French leg wrestling, along with a bit of savate (French foot fighing), as well as foot wresting attacks and  traps that Apollo invented himself.

There is an excellent Wikipedia entry on Apollo, as well as a Facebook page which apparently is managed by his son,  However, there are very few detailed descriptions of this unique wrestler’s leg-and feet focused wrestling, and his many astounding moves which must have aroused a generation of young, eager viewers glued to small b&w television sets.

Most videos of Argentina Apollo are apparently lost.  There is a small collection on Youtube, which I’ll try to embed on this site, or at least link to.    However, a great many of Argentina Apollo’s incredible wrestling tactics may just be dim memories.  One great hope is that a few liked-minded readers will send in comments with recollections of their own.   Suffice it say that Argentina Apollo–a handsome, entirely masculine athlete but with movements worthy of  powerful ballet akin to Nureyev, was in a class of his own.

Over the next several months, I’ll describe in great detail some of his more exotic wrestling moves.  In most, he was able to make his opponent submit in a humiliating fashion, toying with his opponents like a cat playing with a frightened mouse.   Some of his other “closing” moves might sound semi-erotic.   You can read into these descriptions any way you wish.

Below is an except from an anonymous avid fan from a mainstream classic wrestling message board:


“Can anyone point to another wrestler even vaguely like Argentina Apollo? He was unique. I used to wait all week to watch him on a television match. Do you remember one finishing move, where he’d position himself behind his opponent; swiftly karate kick him in one-two fashion behind the kneecaps–so the opponent crumpled helplessly to the ground on his knees. There is just no way to stand up if someone does this to you! Apollo would then swing one tightly muscled leg over the back of his opponent’s neck, raise his near arm upward, and slide a strong bare foot into an opportunistic space between the opponent’s head and Apollo’s other leg, like a slithering squid tentacle. Hardly any pressure was required to generate humiliating pain. Every opponent submitted within a few seconds. This end-game move was so predictable, but nobody could put up a defense. One Apollo was standing behind you, the swift one-two kick behind each knee spelled doom: you were on your knees and “dead meat” for Apollo. Dozens of opponents were conquered this way, yet I’ve never seen this finishing move on any available DVD or tape…”


That’s true!  This poor fellow’s fantasies can never be recaptured on any DVD or videtape. However, we’ll recount here some of those hazy memories of youth in as much details as possible…