Another match – we wonder if it were real

Argentina Apollo’s opponent was, this time, tightly muscular, strong, well-built and handsome….

Readers, forgive me==I’m blanking out on his name.

Argentina Apollo seemed to begin the match with a special relish.   He smiled coyly at his opponent, as if to say, “You know you/re not gonna win.”

The match began with the usual series of moves, ones probably scripted by the producer, or even between the wrestlers themselves.    Argentina Apollo put his opponent in a series of headlocks.   Mr. “Handsome X.” could not escape.   Apollo would let him go so that the match could continue.

As with most matches, the wrestling intensified.   Apollo suddenly sprung to a hand-stand.  This was always so easy for him!   With his legs and feet in the air, he gripped his opponent’s head between his feet, and flung him to the ground aggressively.

The opponent landed hard and flat on the mat.   He was a bit stunned by the impact.   Suddenly Apollo, still on a handstand, walked with his hands to his opponent’s ankles.    Steadying himself on his head & both hands, he spread Mr. Handsome X’s legs apart–push the left leg out further to the left, and the right leg further to the right.     This was all done again while Apollo was upside-down on his handstand.   His gaze (upside-down) was upon his opponent who was flat on the mat.

Everyone will know that your legs can only be spread apart so far.   If they are forced apart too much, as if held spread-eagled by clamps, there’s not too much you can do.  You’re trapped.

This was the case with Apollo and Mr. Handsome X.   The opponent was flat on his back, with his legs forced apart, spread-eagled, by Apollo, who was amazingly still upside down in a handstand.   Each hand held the opponent’s ankles, like clamps.

The opponent did his best to sit up, so that his own arms might be close enough to take a swipe at the grinning upside Apollo.   No cigar.    Try as he might, his arms weren’t long enough.   He could only flail.   Exasperated, Mr. Handsome X (the opponent) tried siting up again.

This time Apollo engaged in one of his patented moves.  Still on a handstand, he lowered his legs until his feet  were now parallel & close to the opponent’s face.   Apollo then savagely shoved his feet right into the opponent’s face, and he was slapped back down to the mat.   Infuriated, the opponent sat up again, his arms flailing and attempting to punch some part of Apollo’s body.

Not losing a beat, Apollo slammed his feet into his opponent’s face again, forcing him to lay flat and prone on the mat.   What a predicament for the opponent.   He struggled up again, this time more weakly, attempting to slap or punch any part of Apollo’s legs.   This time, the still-on-a-handstand Apollo did not bulldoze him down again with his feet.  Instead, he slipped each  foot aside the opponent’s head.  Each foot “hooked” the opponent’s shoulder blades.

To his horror, the opponent realized that he couldn’t even lay down flat!   He was trapped in a sitting position, his legs held spreadeagled by Apollo’s hands, and his  back trapped by the “foot hooks” on his side of his head.   What to do?  The opponent vainly attempted to punch and slap his way out of this hold, but his arms were out-of-position to land anything significant .    He was also tiring.   One could see the grin on Apollo’s face turn into a mean streak.    He shifted his foot grip on the opponent’s head until it was a quasi-head lock.   Apollo tightened that grip.  Then he forced his opponent to lay down flat, whilst astonishingly positioning himself in an upright position.  His opponent was still trapped between his feet and ankles, but this time flat on the mat with Apollo upright, towering above him.

Another “scripted” move follow: Apollo would twist rhythmically to the left & right, as if on a dance floor doing the old-time pop “twist.”  The wrestling announcer would proclaim this always as the “Argentine Twist.”    The opponent on the ground would have his head trapped.  Remember that his head was still held tight in that vise grip. When Apollo “twisted,” his ankles would slide past each of the  opponent’s ears, brutally and sadistically.   How the opponent would howl in pain!   He’d shake his head, begging Apollo to stop.     Usually gracious and gentlemanly in the ring, Apollo (as part of this hold) ended with a full-force twist.   The pain dealt the opponent’s ears was tremendous.  He held both with this hands, screaming and crying like a child, and rolling away on the mat as far as he could from Apollo.

What a beating!   Yet Apollo never hardly used his hands–not yet.   He pulled his opponent back to the center of the mat.  He flung him flat, and engaged in the same headstand, but this time positioned himself at the other end of the opponent’s body.  He held each of his wrists strongly, and spread eagled them whilst maintaining his headstand, behind the opponent’s head.  The opponent again, although clearly muscular and strong, was helpless.     Apollo lowered his legs over the opponent’s stomach.  He then swiftly used his feet alternately to deliver small,  upside-down karate kicks into the stretched-out stomach.  The opponent again howled and cried like a child, but could do nothing in return.

The next move by Apollo entered the realm of fantasy….this will be continued shortly.














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